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:: I Just Ate Rudolph! Jul Pa Liseberg!

Ok so promise you won't tell Santa Claus! I had to do it, for the sake of my continuing food discoveries, it was essential! One of the biggest tourist attractions in Gothenburg at Christmas time is the famous Liseberg theme park, which transforms itself into an amazing expanse of Christmas related attractions, going as far as wrapping every single tree in the park with twinkling Christmas lights and pumping Christmas tunes over loudspeakers. It may be cheesy and it may be a little corny but I can guarantee that you won't leave the place without getting a heavy dose of festive cheer! One of the other things the park has which I can't help smirk about is what can only be described as Sweden's version of Hollywood's "Walk Of Fame" which features many of their Eurovision winners, entertainers and actors. Wouldn't it be great if Ireland had one of those!

We arrived just in time to catch the ice skating show which was taking place on the giant rink at the center of the park. I was expecting an elegant display of ice skating to take place but instead we got rabbits on ice! The mascot of Liseberg is a goofy looking rabbit, so mixed in with all the skaters performing was a male and female versions of this rabbit. Let me take this opportunity to say that you haven't lived until you have seen a rabbit do a "flying reverse sit spin" on an ice skating rink to a very serious piece of classical music!

After wandering around the whole park taking in the Christmas spirit, (while also loosing the feeling in my toes, yes it's that cold!) we arrived at this brilliant little wigwam style wooden structure which had steam billowing out the window and brilliant big log fires roaring outside. Intrigued by the amount of people crowded around we went in for a closer inspection. They were serving reindeer meat, which was cooked in what looked like a massive paella dish, with lingon berries and salad in a pitta bread, it smelt amazing and looked delicious so I just couldn't resist! The meat is really tasty, quite like venison but has more of a unique flavour, I would definitely recommend it, even if you have worry about what Santa might say! Though I do have to mention it was a little unnerving that there was pen filled with angry looking reindeer only a few metres away from the hut! Sorry about the picture below, I'm eh... a little EXCITED about Christmas!

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:: I Just Ate Rudolph! Jul Pa Liseberg! + sweden