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:: Visit To Saba Restaurant! Win A Meal Voucher!

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Saba restaurant in Dublin. As you might already know I absolutely love Asian food so jumped at the opportunity to go down and film a quick demonstration from the head chef! I can't believe I had missed this little gem of a restaurant in all my trips to town, the atmosphere is really chilled and the food looks and tastes absolutely amazing. But for me the most exciting part was going into the kitchen which is ran meticulously by head chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana.

The first thing I noticed was the giant wok burners which were blazing hot, perfect for speedy cooking and the amazing aromas of fresh spices and herbs wafting around the kitchen. The second thing was the sheer amount of fresh ingredients expertly prepared and ready for use in the lunchtime dishes. Chef Taw prepared a fantastic stir fried beef curry with fresh peppercorns, which I had never seen before, but if you take a look at the video, they really add something special to the visuals of the dish! After the filming I got the chance to try some of the dishes cooked up, which were all truly delicious and I will definitely be repeating the experience, next time with a few cocktails thrown into the mix!

The winner of the voucher is the lovely @urmomcooks from likemotherlikedaughters.com/

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:: Visit To Saba Restaurant! Win A Meal Voucher! + spice