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:: What reccession? Let them eat cake!

With all the doom and gloom in the media at the moment, what better time to indulge in a little luxury. After a lovely Valentines Day breakfast on Saturday, Sofie and I headed over to my aunts house to do some baking with my little cousin Maisy. Although cupcakes aren't exactly what I would class as "Good Mood Food", they certainly put a smile on the faces of those who got the chance to sample a few- No sample isn't the word, I think scoff would be far more appropriate!

We made a basic cupcake mix and then a chocolate chip cupcake mix for the yummy oreo style cupcakes. It's amazing and suprising how theraputic decorating cakes can be, I think I may have found a new hobby. You don't really realise how stunning the little cakes look until you see them altogether. It's easy to see how they have become so popular in recent years.

If you want to try your hand at some decorating my best advice is to pick up a great assortment of food dyes or gels which can all be bought online. My aunt picked up some great edible spray food colouring which creates some really cool effects. We used a butter frosting for the cupcakes, mixed with a few handmade flowers made from ready to roll icing and a sweetened whipped cream for the oreo cupcakes. Stay tuned recipe coming up in the next post!

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:: What reccession? Let them eat cake! + lifestyle