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:: Back To School Food Demonstration!

Last week I went along to do a cookery demonstration at an all girls school, after being asked by the lovely home economics teacher Breda who came to the book launch a few weeks ago. Now I'm fairly relaxed when it comes to demo's and I've done a few school cookery demonstrations before, but never to an all girls school! The funniest part of the whole day was when Breda revealed that she had sent me a text saying "Hi Donal, I hope you're ready for 40 screaming girls this afternoon, they're already excited about you!", but instead of sending it to my phone, she sent it to her plumber whose name is also Donal! As you can imagine she got a text back straight away saying "who is THIS!", I think she was far to embarrassed to even text back to try and explain herself! My Aromatic Duck Salad was on the menu, and the girls were really great, I had lots of volunteers to chop, peel, and grate! They were all really enthusiastic, everyone tried the salad and I didn't even have to wash up! I had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed it! Check out the pics below!

If you want a food demonstration at your school or event pop me an email and we can have a chat!

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:: Back To School Food Demonstration! + lifestyle