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:: A Visit To Kooky Dough!

I came across Kooky Dough after discovering it while rooting through the fridge the other day, someone had bought a pack of triple chocolate dough, and it immediately caught my eye! On closer inspection, I realised it was a handmade product, made in Dublin. The packaging is what really sold it to me though, the dough comes wrapped in parchment paper, so you can bake the dough directly on the paper, with no dirty trays to wash up after. Extremely simple but very effective, and very convincing for any would be bakers out there! I posted about the dough on The Good Mood Food Blog Facebook page and within about 15 minutes the lovely Sophie, who as it happens is a fan of the blog, posted a comment, and sure as things happen in this day and age, we got chatting and I invited myself down to see how they make the Kooky Dough! Sophie runs the company with her boyfriend Graham and they have just started supplying shops in Dublin, with plans to take things further afield as they grow. It's a really exciting new Irish product, the guys are young and full of ideas, and I have a feeling were going to be seeing a lot more of Kooky Dough! Sophie has promised me a prize for the blog, so details coming up in the next few days!
I recorded a video with Sophie while I was there so check her out givin' it socks and showing off her cool product below!

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:: A Visit To Kooky Dough! + kooky dough