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I'm packing the bags this evening because tomorrow I am heading off to Paris to demonstrate at the 3rd annual Salon Du Blog, a conference of French food bloggers, with Bord Bia. The lovely ladies from Bord Bia have tried to explain what the event is all about to me numerous times, but I still haven't got my head around it entirely. From where I'm standing it's going to be hundreds of French food bloggers all giving cooking demonstrations at the same time in a giant French Cookery School. Somewhere in there I'll be demonstrating some delicious dishes using only the finest of Irish produce. I think I'm kind of liking not knowing exactly what I'm letting myself in for and hope to come back with some great shots and lots of inspiration! I actually met a few of the charming French food bloggers earlier this year when they were over to visit an Irish farm in May. Here's a picture of the rockstars of the French Blogging world with Noreen from Bord Bia in a field full of cows! That's just how we food bloggers roll! :)

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