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I had planned all sorts of recipes this week but with rehearsals the plan has basically gone in the bin! However the lovely Lorraine from Italian Foodies has tagged me and asked me to share 7 things you may not know about me. So here goes!

  1. I was studying for a degree in Media Arts after school, but dropped out to join a boy band! I think my parents nearly had a heart attack!
  2. I generally eat a healthy diet, but I have a major weakness for Bacon flavored crisps, and lots of crispy Bacon!
  3. I'm addicted to American TV shows, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Nip/Tuck, Arrested Development, Prison Break, Samantha Who, you name it, I've seen it!
  4. I am violently compulsive when it comes to my music collection, I have everything labeled alphabetically, by year, artist, genre, and even mood!
  5. I am obsessed with Asian cuisine, I can read books upon books upon books about it! One of my biggest dreams is to finally visit and eat my way across the continent!
  6. I'm a huge believer in positive thinking. In the right head space you do anything!
  7. I read cookbooks in the toilet and I don't care!!!
So there you go! Hope you enjoyed that little insight- no its my turn to tag people:

  1. The lovely Kay and her Kayotic Kitchen!
  2. Culinary Cory!
  3. Darius T Williams!
  4. Polly Pierce!
  5. Deborah!
  6. Eating Club Vancouver!
  7. Jo!
Wow I felt a bit like a Quiz show host there! Have fun!

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