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:: My Current Online Foodie Obssession!

In the last few years the foodie presence online has grown from strength to strength and I am not just talking about the blogging community. The beauty of the internet is access to info and 4oD is a testament to just that! I absolutely love the type of programmes which are shown on Channel 4 and the food programmes are no different. A must watch on the 4oD Food Channel is the classic episode of Nigel Slater's real food series where he and Nigella Lawson (before she was famous) pick apart a roast chicken with their hands! There are lots of fantastic foodie TV series to keep you occupied, some of my favourites are of course the addictive Come Dine With Me, Jamie at Home, and the amazing Italian Kitchen. Enjoy and apologies for passing on the obsession! :)

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:: My Current Online Foodie Obssession! + tv