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:: Home Dried Herbs: A Few Quick Tips!

Winter is coming so quickly this year, but I want to make sure I hang on to the best of the summer in my cooking during the coming cold months. How you ask? The answer- home dried herbs!

If you've been growing herbs in your garden all summer like me, this is probably one of your last chances this year to make the most of them. Plus home drying herbs is so simple and fun and they also make a great Christmas pressie for fellow food lovers!

Drying herbs can really bring out some intense flavors, which can often be even tastier than there fresh counterparts. They are a fantastic addition to recipes and I love using them to intensify the flavors of soups, stews, and sauces. Hardy herbs like Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Bay, and Sage, are perfect for drying and in most cases the natural oils are not depleted during the process.
Try to harvest the herbs on a dry day, mid morning just after the dew has dried, this will ensure the herbs are at their freshest when you pick them.

Here are my tips for harvesting and drying herbs! :

  1. Snip the herbs at the stem.
  2. Choose nice long branches and pick off any dead leaves.
  3. Give the stems a gentle shake to remove any insects or dirt. (You can choose to give the herbs a quick wash, but make sure to dry on kitchen paper, as moisture can cause rot.)
  4. Bundle a good handful of the stems together and tie at the bottom with twine tightly. (As the herbs dry, you may need to tighten the knot)
  5. Hang the herbs in a warm dry place, I hang mine in a small room just over the water heater, so they're kept nice and warm!
  6. The time it takes to dry the herbs will depend on their moisture content, but in most cases when the stems crack and no longer bend, they are ready to be stored.
  7. Store the dried herbs in an airtight container and leave the leaves uncrushed until you're ready to use them.
Enjoy the herbs right through the winter, and give your dishes some extra flavor!

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:: Home Dried Herbs: A Few Quick Tips! + tips