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:: Handy Quick Caesar Dressing!

You know one of those days where everything seems to be a little bit off center? The days where everything just doesn't go as planned? Well yesterday was definitely one of those days, it started off with a phone call from my dear old mammy, claiming she couldn't find her booking on Ryanair and wanted help to locate it. Being the ever accommodating son, I spent the next forty minutes, trying every combination of reference number, credit card number, and email to try and retrieve it from the Ryanair website to absolutely no avail.

I eventually gave up after the website told me I had too many unsuccessful login attempts, and gave her a call to inform her of this. But was she bothered? No! And let me tell you why- during the time I was banging my head against the computer screen, she had gone back too her notes and realised that her booking was with, wait for it.... AER LINGUS!!! You see this is what I have to deal with! Anyone else out there with parents suffering from technical difficulties? I'm sure there are!

(Sorry Mammy...)

As I arrived home, I went to get the lift up to the apartment, but the electricity seemed to be on half voltage, so it wasn't working. Got up to the apartment, NO WATER AND NO ELECTRICITY! That was my grand plan for baked Mackerel in tinfoil out the window. But the panic of the blackout seemed to have gotten to poor little Sofie, who develops a serious problem when she is hungry- she looses the ability to think rationally and until she gets food, goes into severe depression. So we needed food fast, and despite all my cold food suggestions- we had to eat out!

After a lovely meal at the Orangerie in Malahide (always order the specials), we got home and went to get the lift up, which still wasn't working. I had given my security key for the outside doors to our visitor, so I didn't have one on my bunch, which meant disaster struck one more time, when we realised no one else had their keys with them, which resulted in standing outside until someone came out!

It was definitely one of those days...

That's my little rant over for now, sorry to put all of that on you! To make up for it, here is a really handy little dressing to make when you're short on ingredients and time.

Quick Mayo Caesar Style Dressing

  1. 2 Tbsp of Mayonnaise.
  2. 1 Tsp of English Mustard Powder.
  3. 1 Tsp of Worcester Sauce.
  4. Juice of Half a Lemon.
  5. 1 Clove of Garlic Finely Minced.
  6. A Good Pinch of Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper.
I make all my dressing in jam jars, as they are easy to give a good shake in and will keep in the fridge. Dollop the Mayo into the jar, followed by the Mustard Powder, Worcester Sauce, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Salt and Pepper. Put the lid on top, close tightly and shake the bejesus out of it. Drizzle over some freshly tossed Salad leaves and top with some Freshly Grated Parmesan and some croutons if you have some hanging about. Dig in!

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:: Handy Quick Caesar Dressing! + worcester sauce